Engage site visitors, capture leads, and add value to your website with copywriting services from 678PC.

Our copywriting services include customized, intelligently-written, original content that engages readers, helps to generate leads, and adds value to your site both as a piece of standalone writing and as a boon to your search engine optimization. Along with our copywriting we offer services of digital advertising and marketing to boost your unique style and brand.

Copywriting With 678PC

Engaging Content

The content on your site should draw readers in and provoke enthusiasm about your business; at 678PC, we write with both the search engines and the human readers in mind, and we do so in a way that adds provable value to your website.

SEO-Friendly Writing

Search Engine Optimization has been a hot topic for several years now, and for good reason; SEO can make or break a website, and by extension, a business. Fortunately, all of the content that we write is crafted to rank on the most popular search engines around.

Managed Blogging

Research has proven that sites with an active blog page do better in search engine listings and appear more reputable to potential customers. Our managed blogging service includes custom-written blog articles on topics that are relevant to your industry and your customers.

Topic Research

If you have a list of topics that you want us to cover, either for a page or in a blog format, we’re happy to oblige; if you’re unsure of what to have written, then we’re also happy to do some research and give you a list of options for your next piece of content.

Flexible Copywriting

Order as much or as little copy as you need; we can write pages and blogs by the post or in bulk, depending on your unique needs. In addition to our 500 word standard pages, we also offer 1500 word expanded pages and short, custom content for use as a tagline or bullet point.

Content For Any Application

We don’t just write landing pages, blog posts, and core site content; we also handle copywriting for online and print advertising, email blasts, and social media.