Enjoy a faster, more modern computing experience with Hardware Upgrade services from 678PC.

At 678PC, we offer a complete range of hardware upgrades to choose from; whether you’re improving on a machine you already use or building a new rig from scratch, you’re sure to enjoy the benefits of our expertise, speed, and affordable pricing.

Hardware Upgrade Services With 678PC

SSD Installation

An SSD, or Solid State Drive, is one of the most sought-after computer upgrades for a reason; a relatively new upgrade to standard hard drives, SSDs can run tens of times faster than your old drive, speeding up all aspects of your computing experience significantly.

Custom Computer Builds

When it comes to getting the best possible machine for your dollar, the only option is a custom build; at 678PC, we offer comprehensive computer building services, including part installation, cable management, and even plug-and-play functionality.

Managed Purchases

Unsure of which parts you’ll need for your final build? Tell us what you’re trying to accomplish with your new machine, and we’ll find parts perfect for the job that fit your budget and assemble your new computer.

RAM Upgrades

Your RAM, or Random Access Memory, determines how effectively your computer can perform on-demand in both qualitative and quantitative terms; if you’ve noticed that your machine stalls out during use, your RAM may be the culprit.

Laptop Upgrades

At 678PC, we know that mobile computing is more prevalent than ever before, which is why we offer our laptop upgrade services; our experts can install new sticks of high-end RAM and a new SSD in your laptop, both of which boost performance enormously.

Miscellaneous Upgrades

In addition to popular upgrades like SSDs and RAM, we also offer motherboard and processor upgrades, power supply upgrades, and peripheral upgrades for items like your mouse, keyboard, and monitor.