Cultivate new leads and rekindle old customer relationships with social media marketing services from 678PC.

Our social media marketing strategies are a mixture of time-tested expertise and new, unconventional methods for getting your business recognized and engaged on social media by clients old and new; at 678PC, our goal is to make your social media accounts work for you.

Social Media Marketing With 678PC

Managed Posting

One of the most important aspects of a successful social media account is post frequency; post too often and followers will feel inundated, but post too infrequently and followers will forget about you altogether. Our managed posting service strikes the perfect balance to keep followers engaged.

Content Development

Great content is the cornerstone to follower and customer engagement; our content development services are perfect for organic posts and paid advertising, and help to give your viewers a concise, insightful look into what you’re offering to them.

Analytics-Based Optimization

One of the first things that we consider after our preliminary marketing period is how your social media marketing campaigns can be optimized for the long haul; our ongoing optimization process ensures that your campaigns will continue to function efficiently for the foreseeable future.

Marketing Campaigns

A successful social media marketing campaign is charismatic, memorable, and presents potential clients with services that have provable value. Whether you want to acquire more leads or improve your branding, we’ll handle every aspect of your social media marketing campaign from start to finish.

Comprehensive Marketing

We offer social media marketing services for every major social media platform available; our specialties include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn marketing campaigns and managed posting for branding and lead generation.

Website Integration

Social media campaigns are more effective when they provide followers with a clear path to their purchase; our approach to platform integration means that, for clients, a list of services or products will never be more than a single click away.