Rank first on the search engine results page and engage potential clients with landing page development services from 678PC.

When it comes to engaging, SEO-friendly landing pages, 678PC has you covered; over the years, we’ve developed hundreds of successful landing pages with the goal of helping businesses of all sizes and scopes to dominate the search engine results page for their target regions and keywords.

Landing Page Development With 678PC

Engaging Content

A great landing page is just as engaging for readers as it is SEO-friendly; at 678PC, our landing pages are developed with both site visitors and search engines in mind, and provide useful, relevant, informative content that will draw readers in while also hitting all of the right points to secure the top slot on Google.

Homepage-Style Formatting

Our homepage-style landing pages are incredibly effective for drawing in new site visitors, engaging them with a more complete user experience, and adding extra effectiveness to regional landing pages that may otherwise appear dull or irrelevant.

Traffic Analytics

With the help of our site-wide analytics system, we can hone in on specific landing pages, view past traffic to the page, and help to reduce bounce rates and increase conversions to contact forms or phone calls.

SEO-Friendly Pages

One of the most important aspects of a landing pages is SEO-friendliness; at 678PC, we go beyond content development to deliver a page that is SEO optimized, from the proper structured markup data necessary to be featured in a rich snippet to common sense meta tagging that helps a search engine to identify the purpose of the page.

Intra-Site Linking

One of the cornerstones of landing page development is proper linking; at 678PC, we use a combination of conservative outbound linking and liberal intra-site and inbound linking to help establish a landing page as an authority on your industry.

Scaleable Service

Our top priority is to help you reach your SEO goals, whatever they may be; we offer landing pages anywhere from 500 to 1500 words, and we’re happy to write page-by-page or in bulk, depending on your needs.