Boost efficiency and strengthen security with Networking & Automation Services from 678PC.

From business management platforms to automated industry-relevant solutions, we offer one of the most robust business-grade networking & automation suites in the country. Our goal is to increase the efficiency of your operation while simultaneously improving on core systems like email management and network administration.

Networking & Automation With 678PC

Business-Grade Networking

A business-grade network needs to be stable, secure, and acceptably fast, while also remaining capable of handling hundreds of users at once; at 678PC, we offer robust network solutions to keep your office online and fully productive, no matter what.

Diagnostics and Security

Two of the most important aspects of network administration, our diagnostics and security package is built to prevent intrusions, monitor approved connections, and ensure that the company network is never compromised.

Network Integration

Our network integration package is built to get your office back to work at full capacity as soon as possible by maximizing connectivity between devices and the network.

Network Maintenance

Constant firmware updates and newly discovered vulnerabilities mean that business-grade networks are always in need of maintenance; our IT professionals offer on-site network updates and maintenance to keep your connections secure.

Scaleable Solutions

Whether you’re interested in automating your payroll or migrating your email to a modern system, we offer solutions for businesses of all sizes and scopes; whatever the size of your business, our goal is to make lasting improvements.

Business Automation

Whether you’re interested in a minor automation or a large-scale change to methods, our automation team is available not only to set up more efficient procedures, but also to help keep them running as effectively as possible.