Enjoy a fast, private, secure internet connection with Home Networking services from 678PC.

Nowadays, it isn’t enough to just have a fast home network; with identity theft and malware on the rise, your network also needs to be impenetrable. At 678PC, we offer comprehensive professional home network setup for a connection that is both blazing fast and highly secure.

Home Networking With 678PC

Network Setup

Our complete network setup package includes hardware initialization and firmware updates, primary device integration, and connection testing to ensure speed and security; this package is ideal for a home network of any size.

Hardware Installation

We know that networking hardware can get confusing very quickly, which is why we offer comprehensive router and modem setup services; if you want to upgrade your hardware, we also offer managed buying services to ensure that you get the best deal available.

Troubleshooting Support

Whether you’ve lost your network password or your modem may have died, we offer on-site troubleshooting and network support services to get your internet connection up and running again as soon as possible.

Device Integration

One of the most important aspects of network setup is ensuring that all devices are safely connected to the network; our technicians have the know-how to get all of your devices connected and running, often within minutes.

Specialized Integration

Some devices require special software or integration processes to connect to your network properly; at 678PC, we have the experience to get complicated devices like wireless printers and scanners set up on your network and functioning in under an hour.

Network Sharing

Our network sharing service allows unprecedented connectivity between the devices in your home and on your network; totally secure and incredibly convenient, home network sharing is a great addition to any network setup.