Rest-assured that your private information is safe and secure with Data Backup & Recovery Services from 678PC.

Protect your digital data from drive failure and corruption with our premium backup services. If a direct backup is no longer an option due to imminent or prior drive failure, then we also offer Data Recovery services to salvage as much of your important information as possible.

Data Backup & Recovery With 678PC

Local Backups

One of the easiest ways to back your data up is to store it locally on a dedicated drive; at 678PC, we can find a large, affordable drive that fits your needs perfectly, and then set up local backups to run automatically so that you never have to fool with it again.

Backup Restoration

When the day comes that you need to restore a backup due to any kind of hardware failure or damage, we can help; at 678PC, we offer managed backup restoration, which makes recovering from major hardware failures as smooth, fast, and easy as possible.

Data Capture

If your hard drive is clicking or unable to access all of your data, then failure is likely imminent; at 678PC, we offer data capture services to rescue as much of your information as possible before the drive becomes unusable.

Wireless Backups

Wireless data backup has become more popular in recent years with the advent of higher data caps and faster connection speeds; our wireless backup services include inexpensive virtual storage space and remote backup software configuration.

Secure Backups

At 678PC, we take the risk out of data backup with our secure backup service; we offer safe digital and physical storage solutions alongside encrypted, password-protected data backup services that ensure your private information won’t be compromised.

Data Recovery

Even after a hard drive has failed, the data on it isn’t necessarily lost forever; our Data Recovery services involve gathering as much information from a dead drive as possible, and is generally reserved for highly important data.