Enjoy smooth, professional on-site and remote tech support in your office with Managed IT from 678PC.

At 678PC, we specialize in providing on-site and remote tech support to businesses of all sizes; whether your in-house team needs help or you prefer to outsource your IT work to third-party professionals, our experienced IT professionals can help with networking, email, hardware and software issues, and much more.

Managed IT With 678PC

Hardware Repair

Our business-class hardware repair package is built with affordability and reliability in mind; we know that even a single hardware failure can bring your office to a screeching halt, and we’re available to get things back on track any time that you need us.

Email Troubleshooting

In modern business, email troubles are tantamount to lost profits, and can have serious effects on client relationships. At 678PC, our email troubleshooting services are aimed to keep your mail coming and going as smoothly as possible.

Remote IT Consulting

We make IT as convenient as possible with remote consulting; set up remote sharing on a computer in your office, tell us what the issue is, and never think about it again.

Software Repair

Business-grade software is often complicated to troubleshoot and even harder to fix permanently; our IT experts have decades of training working on all kinds of software, and can resolve almost any issue that you’re having in a timely manner.

Network Maintenance

Our network maintenance and security package is built to prevent network intrusions while simultaneously making approved connections as fast as possible; we also offer network diagnostics to help you stay on top of usage requests.

On-site IT Consulting

Some IT issues require a technician to come to your location; at 678PC, all of our technicians are courteous, knowledgeable, and have at least a decade of experience resolving business-grade IT problems of all kinds.