Enjoy a streamlined, modern computing experience with Software Upgrade services from 678PC.

Our software upgrade offerings include everything from new operating systems to word processing to business management and cloud-based solutions. Whether you need Microsoft Office for school or work, or you’re interested in trying a newer version of Windows or even a Linux distributions, we’ve got you covered.

Software Upgrade Services With 678PC

Operating System Upgrades

From Windows to Linux, we offer a wide variety of modern, popular operating system for you to choose from. Not only can a newer OS like Windows 7 or 10 speed your computer up, it also includes important security patches to protect you from modern digital threats.

Managed Installation

We understand that software installation can be tedious and confusing, which is why we offer managed installation services; tell us which programs you’re interested in owning, and we’ll set them up so that they’re ready to go the moment that your machine is returned.

Bulk Upgrades

678PC is your one-stop-shop for software upgrades; our experts can upgrade multiple programs in one session, and can ensure that all of your newly upgraded software integrates properly for a seamless computing experience.

Microsoft Office Suite

One of the most popular suites of software on the planet, Microsoft Office includes programs essential to both business and scholarly pursuits; this comprehensive suite includes Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and much more!

Antivirus Installation

If your antivirus is out-of-date, then it’s imperative that you have it upgraded as soon as possible; at 678PC, our antivirus experts can upgrade your antivirus the correct way, while also checking for any malicious software that may have slipped through.

Miscellanous Upgrades

Whether you’re interested in popular upgrades like Windows and Microsoft Office, or upgrades for niche software like industry-specific programs, we’ve got you covered; we also handle client-side upgrades for cloud-based software, so that you’re always up to date.