Prime EMS has top-tier engineering, manufacturing, and supply chain capabilities that can be customized to your specifications to be a leader in the EMS market. 678 PC did a complete overhaul on Prime’s old website. We provided a complete re-design of their website from an old and over whelming site to a sleek modern compressed web design. Part of our package to re-design Prime’s website was photography and videopgraphy work. The 678 PC team went to Prime’s facility and took photos and videos of the entire facility to combine it into a stunning promotional video piece for their company. At 678 PC we focus on your name and your brand to bring a promotional piece that include beautiful cinematography and real work action shots to put your name out there. Along with our video we provided Prime with a full array of promotional tools such as Google Business, Google Analytics, Google Ad-Words, and many other tools. We also provided Prime with a full setup in social media accounts to boost their online presences. At 678 PC we want to make sure that your final design is exactly what you want and we have a very extensive revision process with the client one on one what is good and what needs to be changed so nothing is left untouched.