Enjoy a new screen at a fraction of the cost of a new computer with Laptop Screen Repair Services from 678PC.

A broken or dim laptop screen doesn’t have to mean that you need a new computer; with laptop screen repair from 678PC, your machine can be fitted with a new screen at a fraction of the cost and hassle of buying a new computer.

Laptop Screen Repair Services With 678PC

Screen Replacement

The process of replacing a laptop screen is complex and generally requires a significant amount of disassembly to do correctly; at 678PC, our computer repair professionals have decades of experience replacing screens of all shapes and sizes.

Comprehensive Diagnostics

Not sure what’s wrong with your machine? Need an affordable, practical solution to your computing problems? At 678PC, we offer expert diagnostics alongside service from industry veteran computer repair professionals to resolve any tech problem, big or small.

Reliable Service

Whatever your hardware problem is, we stand by our commitment to provide you with reliable, affordable service without question. Check out our reviews, and see why so many Gwinnett County residents are proud to call 678PC their reliable computer repair company.

Seamless Repair

A poor screen repair job leaves behind scratches and marks indicative of amateur work; our industry veterans know how to avoid all of the pitfalls of screen repair, and are guaranteed to return your computer to you in a like-new state.

Quick Turnaround

In the age of modern computing, great computer repair service must be fast and effective; at 678PC, we take pride in our industry-leading repair turnaround. Whether your laptop needs a tuneup or your desktop needs a new part, we maintain a commitment to fast, high-quality service.

Managed Purchases

At 678PC, we know that the world of replacement computer parts can be confusing and expensive, which is why we offer our managed purchase service; we’ll determine the problem part, find an affordable replacement, and install it, all at minimal hassle to you.