We can help you with any of the following symptoms:

Loganville Virus RemovalLoganville Virus Removal
Viruses, Spyware, Malware, Root Kit

Loganville Laptop won't power on Suwanee, GaLoganville No Power
Completely Dead

Loganville Boot RepairLoganville Won’t Boot Up
Powers on but won’t boot windows

Loganville Laptop Shuts Off Repair Loganville GaLoganville Shuts Off / Overheats
Shuts off randomly or gets very hot

Loganville Broken Laptop Screen LCD Repair LoganvilleLoganville Broken Screen
Cracked LCD display

Loganville Dim Laptop Screen Repair LoganvilleLoganville Dim Screen
Blank or Dim LCD Screen

Loganville Data Recovery / Hard DriveLoganville Clicking Drive
Noisy or clicking hard drive

Loganville Blue Screen Repair LoganvilleLoganville Blue Screen
Blue screen of death – BSOD

Loganville Power Jack RepairLoganville Power Jack
Loose or broken power jack

Loganville Physically Damaged Laptop RepairLoganville Physical Damage
Broken Hinges, casing, etc

Loganville Liquid Damage Laptop Repair LoganvilleLoganville Liquid Damage
Water Damage

Loganville Computer Repair Other IssuesLoganville Other Issues
Miscellaneous problems

Hardware/Software Upgrades
Virus/Spyware Removal
Network/Wireless Setup
Data Backup/Recovery

Video/Audio Editing
Website Development
Annual Support Contracts
PC Maintenance/Training


Loganville Computer Repair Services:

Clean,Tune-Up, Diagnostic Examination

Includes physically cleaning dust buildup inside your computer, optimize system settings for faster startup, applying software updates, removal of unneeded software, and a complete system diagnosis.  Also Includes a full explanation of what needs to be done to improve the long term reliability of your computer. This service noticeably increases performance of your pc, and is recommended to be done once a year.

Virus Removal, Spyware Removal, Malware Removal

Will Troubleshoot the bootable computer and remove all infectious files.

Dead Computer

If your computer will not boot due to a hardware or software conflict, I will correct the problem. If the problem is due to the failure of a piece of hardware I will diagnose the failure and help get you the replacement parts.

Data Recovery

If your hard drive or operating system crash, don’t touch anything!  I will do my best to recover as much of the data as possible.  90+% recovery rate!  Call for references.

Data Backup

Backing up of your entire computer so it can be restored to exactly the state it is in at the time of the backup.  May purchase your own external hard drive or have the option for off-site backup for safekeeping.  Also included is the option to have your data backup encrypted with the password of your choice to ensure the privacy and security of your data.

Operating System Upgrade

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8

Installation of new operating system.

All available updates will be applied.  Can also transfer existing files and applications to new operating system installation

Setup a dual-boot system

Can setup a Dual Boot for XP / Vista, XP / Windows 7, Vista / Windows 7, and Mac / Windows 7 Dual Boot

Hardware Upgrade

Can upgrade RAM, Video Card, Hard Drive, CD-ROM, Blu-Ray, DVD-RW.

Computer Training / General Labor

Includes Basic Computer Skills, Web Design, Picture/Video/Audio Editing, Office product training, and many other software applications.

PC running slow or won’t start? – Software not working correctly?
Accidentally delete a file? – Virus troubles? Network Problems?
Need Computer Lessons? – Need Consulting on what to buy?
Want to backup and protect your sensitive information?

Serving All of Metro Atlanta, Gwinnett County, Auburn, Berkeley Lake, Braselton, Loganville, Centerville, Loganville, Loganville, Five Forks, Loganville, Loganville, Loganville, Loganville, Mountain Park, Loganville, Peachtree Corners, Rest Haven, Loganville, Sugar Hill, Suwanee, Tucker, Hoschton,and Stone Mountain.  If you are outside these areas, do not hesitate to call, we will help you the best we can!

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