Broken screens are an immediate way to lose functionality of your computer – after all, who can work on a computer screen they can’t even see? Before you throw your laptop in the trash, you should know that you can have that screen replaced for significantly less cost than a brand new laptop. New laptops with sufficient hardware run upward of $350; however, a new screen won’t even cost half that. Instead of running to replace your laptop, bring it to 678PC and let our broken screen experts repair your LCD laptop screen.

Suwanee Computer Repair LCDWhile some screens are very noticeably broken, such as the one in our picture here, others may just seem very dim. All laptop screens have a back-light that keeps your screen beautifully lit for you, but if that bulb burns out, it is almost impossible to see. The best way to determine if your screens back light is broken is to shine a flashlight onto the screen while the laptop is on. If the computer is still displaying information, but it is incredibly dim or very hard to see, your back-light on your laptop screen is dead, which means it’s time for a new screen. Contact 678PC today for a free quote.

As mentioned, many screens are very easily discernible about whether they are broken, and others have a dead back-light. Occasionally screens just won’t display anything. Shining a light on the screen can help show if it has damage, and hooking up an external monitor can help determine if your display is broken on your motherboard. Whatever the case may be, if your screen is no longer displaying a visual, don’t buy a new laptop. Have your broken screen replaced by experts at 678PC to return full functionality to your computer at a fraction of the cost.

Symptoms:broken screen

  • Cracked screen from impact or pressure
  • Dimmed display (to the point that you can’t read it)

Common Fixes:

  • Replace the screen (the only fix)

What to do now?


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